What topics can I speak on? If you would like me to come to you, your church or your group,


I am willing to speak to any group on the following topics:            

A deeper understanding of Advent and Lent for Christians

Retreat topics that I designed and presented on:

Advent: Mary's Advent in preparationf or Jesus' Coming

          The day Christ was Born as seen through the eyes and hearts of Mary,

                Joseph and the Shepherds.

           The Holy Season of Waiting:

                 Waiting in Silence with Elizabeth and Zahariah,

                 Waiting in trust with Mary,

                 Waiting in Hope with Joseph and

                 Waiting in Anticipation with John the Baptist

Lent: Conversations with the Cast of Characters who encountered Jesus

                 on His Journey to Calvary

       Walking our Journey of Redemption as we take up our cross,die to self, bear the wounds of Christ  we become a Resurrection people.

       The three temptations of Christ  

        The three falls of Christ: How we through our Physical exhaustion, Emotional exhaustion and  Spiritual exhaustion fall under their weight, but in and through faith we rise up,persevere through the tomb and see our way to our resurrection.


Prayer services for Victims of Abuse,

What Spiritual Direction is and how it helps individuals/couples,

Spiritual Direction to those who are wounded and seek to become whole and healed,

Personal Spiritual Transformation

    Myers Briggs and Prayer Temperament used in the process of Personal Spiritual   Transformation

12 Steps of healing for the Divorced and Separated,

I am open to speak on any other topic that you would like me to .



As a Catholic I specialize and am trained in:

Spiritual Direction to individuals and couples.

Retreat Director for children,young adults and adults

Training of all liturgical ministers: Altar Servers, Lectors, Communion Ministers and Ministers of Hospitality,

I am familiar with the Liturgical Guidelines as well as with Canon Law.

I can lead Funeral Prayer services and graveside Services.

I can speak with parents as they prepare their children to receive the Sacraments of the Church.

I can speak to adults as they prepare to receive the Sacraments of the Church.

Adult Faith Formation.

I am a trained Bereavement Minister and can instruct others in the Bereavement Ministry and how to minister to those who are grieving as well as assist for Funeral Masses: Meeting with families, planning the liturgy and attending the Liturgy. 

I administer and facilitate the pre marriage FOCCUS Inventory for couples preparing to be married in the Catholic Church. (Facilitating Open Couple Communication Understanding and Study)

Pre-marriage counseling.








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