Shopping for a Lighter Cross

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Shopping for a Lighter Cross is a book that offers hope, healing and wholeness to anyone who has lived through difficult and painful life experiences. I believe that everyone has life's challenges and can face them with fear or with trust. I choose to look at them as experiences where God has blessed me with His curve balls thrown in.  These curve balls are not the negative, painful or abusive life experiences that I have lived through, but rather the unexpected blessings, gifts and graces God threw in to help me through the painful experiences.  I believe that these curve balls were given so that I can witness to His great and awesome presence in and through the experiences, the people in those experiences and in myself as living through and surviving the experiences as a better, not bitter human being.

All of us are created in God's image, we are His beloved sons and daughters, loved unconditionally and are His greatest creation. This knowledge to some might be easy to accept, but to victims, it is difficult and almost impossible to believe. This book is an instrument of truth, of healing and of conviction.

The conviction being that as a victim, and I share this with all victims, I will never be defeated nor will I be a quitter. I will never allow anyone to gain control of my heart, body, mind or soul again. As a survivor, I will always strive to see God in all people because I know that we are all created in His image - no matter what choices we make.

As a woman of faith, I know that I have been blessed with so much and I will always strive to remember to say thank you to God.

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