Transformation:  Seeing God in Self, Others and in Life Experiences.

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Personal Spiritual Transformation occurs when one can recognize the presence of God in oneself, others and in life experiences.

The book Transformation: Seeing God in Self, Others and in Life Experiences" is a result of intense study, personal prayer and lived experiences, incorporated with the cooperation and presence of individuals who were seeking to grow in their relationship with God through a greater understanding of their personality type and prayer temperament.

Personal transformation occurs when one can recognize God's presence. To recognize God in any way, one is conscious of a movement that is calling them into a deeper relationship with God, and because of that movement, one begins to see differently. One sees with the eyes and heart of God through all experiences and is then able to be an instrument of mercy, compassion, healing and love.  This movement is the catalyst for a deeper desire to pray.  By introducing one to the Myers Briggs Personality tool and the four prayer temperaments: Augustine, Thomistic, Franciscan and Ignatian, one can begin to see how they were created to pray.  There is a prayer temperament that parallels our personality type, and once we realize what our prayer temperament is, we can begin to pray in a way that fits, is comfortable.  The ability to be comfortable in prayer opens the door to begin a personal spiritual transformation that will allow one to recognize God more clearly in oneself, others, and in life experiences, both negative and positive.

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