Glimpse of God for the week of March 10, 2019

My glimpse of God for this week comes as I reflect on the season of lent and how I am called to live in light of God’s great unconditional love and mercy

In the barrenness of lent, in the depths of the darkness of sin, in the grips of worry, with the weight of our heavy crosses bringing us down and our suffering, we have Jesus Christ who has already walked in our shoes, taken on our burdens and then nailed them to the cross.

But before He died He gave us three gifts":

The gift of mercy "Father forgive them for they not what they do", The gift of Hope: This day you will be with me in paradise, and the gift of Motherly love: Mother behold your Son, Son behold your mother.

These gifts given to us from Jesus out of love, in love and for love. He wants us to love, forgive and be at peace with others so that we can be at peace with Him and our self.

He wants us to know that there is always hope and that we should never despair.

He has also given us Mary, His Mother and ours, to help us on our way to become closer to Him.

She is a great intercessor as many mothers here on earth are. She presents our needs to Her Son and He takes them, looks at us and answers them with a true and unconditional love, as He knows they would serve us best.

Lent is a time to reflect on the gift of life and love.

Life, the gift of His life that we are given in the Holy Eucharist and the gifts and graces that are found in the Sacraments of the Church. Life, our very life and breath is God's gift to us. Every breath is His gift to us and we should strive to be His breath of life to all those that we encounter.

The Gift of Love. He gave of Himself, He suffered and died in and out of complete love for us.

Would we do the same for Him or another?

Lent can be a great season to grow in our faith life and in our love for God, others and self. We must be open to His graces and the invitation to stretch our spiritual comfort zone. We should trust that whatever He calls us to do, be, leave behind or embrace, will make us a greater reflection, beacon and instrument of His presence in our world. Are we ready? are we open?


Just a reflection for this week,

take each topic and each day and seek to grow to a better understanding

of how you may be called to grow in holiness…….


SURRENDER those things that keep us from being the person that God has created us to be and keep us from becoming the person that He knows we can be and have the potential to become. We are called to surrender those things that are standing in the way of our seeing Christ more clearly in our self and in others, in life’s challenges and in our crosses. LENT IS NOT A TIME TO GIVE UP and think that we can’t do what God knows we can and invites us to believe that we can and that we, with His help, will.

STRETCH OURSELVES: our imaginations, our minds, our spiritual comfort zone and our hearts. We need to stretch so that we can see ourselves accomplishing and overcoming the hardest challenges that face us, but we think will defeat us. We need to allow God to stretch that which is set and confined so that HE can reset, reform and renew us so that we are a more clear and visible sign of His presence here on earth.  

LOVE ourselves and others, especially those who don’t like us, and to HATE those things that take us away from God and make us want to be more self-centered and selfish instead of being more Christ centered and self-less. We are called to love, not merely put up with, but love one another as they are called to love us. Love is greater than like. Love is nothing less than giving your heart to God and allowing Him to expand it to include and embrace those who we don’t like, get along with, or are estranged from.  When we can give our hearts to God trusting that however He chooses to expand it, then we are also trusting Him to grace us so that we can love our self more deeply and authentically.


FORGIVE and not to be bitter. We are called to forgive ourselves and others, and not hold on to the past of bad choices, deep hurts and poor decisions. Only in true forgiveness can we experience genuine and lasting freedom so that we can be the beacon of Christ’s mercy, love and compassion for our self and to others. "Forgive them for they know not what they do”


BE STILL so that you can feel the gentle breeze of God’s Spirit as He touches your heart and opens it to His healing love and deep abiding peace. AND KNOW THAT HE IS GOD


NOT BE BUSY just for the sake of being busy or to run from anything. Lent is a time to listen as God tells you that there is only one thing that matters to Him. That you know and believe with all your heart that you are His greatest creation, His beloved son or daughter, that He loves you just as you are, and that His love for you is free, unconditional and everlasting.


LOOK OUT THE WINDOW and see and appreciate His presence in all of His creation; the sun, the moon, the stars, the grass, the creatures that crawl about and those that hover over, the people that we know and the stranger that we pass by, the beauty of the day, the beauty in the hearts of those that care about us and the beauty of a God who cares even more for you.


TIME TO LOOK IN THE MIRROR BUT NOT IF you are looking to point out your sins, your flaws, your weaknesses or your shortcomings, but only if you are looking to remind yourself that you are loved by God just as you are because His love is much greater than all of these. His death is a reminder that He sees all that you see, but He looks into the depth of your heart to see that which you have not begun to.

AS LENT GRADUALLY comes to an end, and you find yourself asking, “How have I grown in my relationship to Christ, or how have I been a reflection of His presence in my life to others”? As you look back and recall how you found yourself helping others and giving of your time, talent and compassion, know that your desire is in response to God’s grace, so trust in God and believe that you are closer to Him than you think.

We measure our progress and that of others with human expectations and limitations, but God looks into the very heart that He created and sees its width, its depth, its woundedness, its potential and fills it with His compassion, His mercy, His peace and His grace so that we can be the best loving person that we can be. You are what He wants you to be, for you can be nothing less

Glimpse of God for the week of March 3, 2019       

The Doorknob is my glimpse of God for this week. Sister MTC at the Assisi House challenged me to write on the doorknob with daily reflections. So here it is. 

The Sisters at the Assisi House have been under quarantine for the past two-weeks due to the flu. This meant that they had to stay in their rooms and were not able to leave their rooms for any reason. Their doors remained shut, they could not leave and only the medical staff were able to enter. The Sisters, as ones who are compliant, chose to follow the rules and keep their doors closed, not locked, for their health and well-being as well as the health and well-being of the others.

Although the doors were closed, Christ entered their rooms, the rooms of their heart, mind, and spirit many years ago, and as they chose to stay behind closed doors, Christ chose to dwell in their silence, in their boredom, in their weariness, in their frustration and in their surrender, and as He dwelt among them, they were able to withstand not being able to leave their rooms. They probably looked at the door and wanted to turn the knob and leave many times, but chose to stay still.  The doors that lead to others, had to remain closed.

Although most of us are not under quarantine, we sometimes choose to leave doors closed.  We choose not to turn the knob so that the door to our heart, mind and spirit is open. Sometimes this is due to injuries that have been inflicted upon us by others, or it is because we are feeling the effect of our own weakness and sin and out of shame, choose to hind behind closed doors.  There are times when we choose not to open the door, but rather keep it ajar so that we can see what is happening and be prepared. If we like what we see, we choose to open the door more, and if we are afraid, we slam the

door quickly.  In either case, we are trying to control the situation and not allow God to show us what we need to see so that we can truly open the door and allow Him in.

We all have doors that we choose to keep open or shut, with these doors we hold onto the knob so tight that it can hurt. When we do this, we are not welcoming God in or those He sends us to show us how to be open to His healing. Christ is at the door of our heart, mind and spirit all the time and He understands us when we are afraid and ashamed and when we choose to lock the door and He eagerly waits for us to unlock it. He rejoices when we come to unlock the door and He is very merciful and patient when we want to keep it ajar or locked.

This week as you reflect on the doorknob and how you choose to grasp it, look at the doors to your heart, mind and spirit and pray to recognize why you open some doors and close others. If you realize that some doors are locked, ask for the grace to unlock them trusting that Christ will help you overcome your fears and hurts.  If the doors are ajar and waiting for you to open them completely, ask for the grace to allow God to surprise you instead of you needing to be in control.  If the doors are open, thank God for the graces that have enabled you to turn the knob so that the doors remain open.


We are familiar with the picture where Christ is at the door waiting.  There is no doorknob because HE is waiting for us to open the door to our heart, mind and spirit, and invite Him in.  He has His head bowed a little as if He is listening to us and wanting us to open the door so that He can speak to us directly without any thing in the way.

What do we put in the way? What is keeping the door to our heart, mind and spirit closed, or locked? As Christ listens to your heart, mind and spirit, how do you want Him to respond? If He wants to unlock the doors are you ready to give Him the key? If He wants to open the doors just a little bit more, are you ready to trust Him? If the doors are wide open and you are feeling blessed, are you ready to thank Him and those who have helped you to open the doors and not hide behind them?


The doorknob on most doors is reachable and easy to grasp. For adults, it is not usually too high or too low so that you cannot turn it. With the doors to our heart, mind and spirit, Christ puts the knob where we can reach it, it is very visible and easy to turn.  The knob is usually round, to me this symbolizes the eternal love, hope and presence of Christ in our life.  He has no beginning or end.  No matter where we are on our spiritual earthly journey, the doorknob is always on our side so that we always have the option to open the door to Christ.

What are you reaching for? Is it something that will allow you to open the doors to your heart, mind and spirit wider, like God’s compassion, peace, reconciliation, or healing? Or are you reaching for something that will help you close the doors so that you can hide, like anger, bitterness, resentment or shame? Christ is reaching out and wants to touch you, allow Him and you will feel the healing touch of His great love for you.


Is your doorknob locked because you have been hurt and are afraid of being hurt again? Is your door locked to deter another from entering the room of your heart, mind and spirit because you feel that you would be judged and seen as less than?....Do you feel safer behind closed and locked doors?

Christ gets it and understands when and why we choose to not grasp that doorknob to open the door. BUT He also doesn’t want us to hide because of our fears, misunderstandings, insecurities or sinfulness. When we choose to keep the doors locked and stay away from them so that the door can remain closed, we are choosing to dwell in darkness and not choose to live in the light. Christ is our light and our salvation, whom shall we fear?  We lock many doors throughout our life, but we can always unlock them with God’s help and grace. The difficulty in unlocking doors is that we don’t know what is waiting on the other side of the door, or who will be holding the doorknob as we turn it from our side. Are you willing to take that leap of faith and trust that God will be on the other side with His graces and His love.


Congratulations on the unlocked doors of your heart, mind and spirit. Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the Lenten season. As you reflect on what spiritual sacrifices you will make,  how you desire  to experience personal transformation and conversion, and how you will serve the poor, pray that as you walk these forty days, that the doors to your heart, mind and spirit will be more open more so that others will see the presence of Christ in and through your prayers, deeds, actions, and attitudes. Let this lent not be about giving up candy or things, but rather giving up those things or aspects of your life that keep you from being the best person that you can be, that God has created you to be and have the potential to become. Let this lent be about unlocking the doors that are keeping Christ out and locking the doors to keep the devil and his temptations at a distance.


The tumbler is what keeps the doorknobs on the door perfectly aligned so that they turn, lock and unlock properly.  The tumbler is what connects the doorknobs on both sides of the door.  If it isn’t properly aligned, the doorknobs won’t turn, lock unlock but rather they will get stuck and cause one to be locked in, unable to get out without help.

What do you hold onto to keep connected to Christ? What keeps you aligned with His will for you and you following Him? Is it your prayer life? The Sacraments? Your community? Your family? Your church? How do you stay connected without

getting frustrated and discouraged when things seem unaligned or out of order? Without a tumbler, the doorknobs would not stay on the door. Without Christ, we cannot stay the course and see our way to eternal life when our earthly journey is ended.

As you look to what keeps you connected to Christ: try to be a “tumbler” to another who is struggling to keep their life aligned with Christ. For some, you may be the only source of grace, inspiration, hope and healing that they have and if you reach out to them and seek to connect them with Christ, they will have the opportunity to be connected again and regain their spiritual alignment.


The key to the doorknob allows one to open it so that the door can be open or remain locked. The key in our faith life is our free will. Christ gives us the key or our free will so that we can choose to be in relationship with Him and not be forced into a relationship with Him. The key that unlocks the door to our hearts, spirit and mind is Christ.  As followers of Christ; baptized into his passion death and resurrection, we have been given the gift of eternal life.  The key that will unlock the door to eternal life, the key that will gain us true happiness and peace is our faith in Christ and desire to follow In His footsteps.

What key do you hold? If you were to lose the key, would your spiritual life be in danger? What would you need to do to

unlock the doors so that you can be in relationship with Christ? Our free will can bring us close to Christ or keep us away from Him.  When we choose to use the key to keep the doors of our heart, mind and spirit unlocked and open, they we are choosing to trust Him and follow His will and not our own.


As one looks to unlocking the door, getting out the door, escaping the quarantine, one needs to use your hands. Your hands are the very instruments that God gave you to lift up another, to reach out in peace and mercy to another, and in friendship with another. Our hands are hands that come together in prayer, are raised in praise and clap in joy.  As the Sisters rejoice in the ending of the quarantine, I am sure that their hands came together in a prayer of thanksgiving and continued healing for those who are still suffering from the flu. I am sure that they came together in praise to God for keeping them healthy and respectful of the rules when it was most difficult and challenging. I am sure that they wanted to clap as they went to their door, turned the knob and found that they were able to walk into the hall way once again.

As you reflect on your hands, how have they been used to unlock doors this week? Lift up others? Help another? In prayer?  As you look at the many doorknobs that you have turned, have more been to doors that have been unlocked or locked? As you have brought your hands together in prayer, have your prayers been to unlock the door to your heart, mind and spirit, so that Christ can enter in more freely? As you reflect on opening your hands in prayer, have you tried to surrender your free will to God, so that He can replace your will with His divine and holy will? Only when our hands are open, are we able to receive what God has in store for us and wants to freely give us. Are you open to receive that gift?


Glimpse of God for the week of February 24, 2019

My Glimpse of God for this week comes from things that are placed in your lap, maybe not by you or that you would invite, but by the grace of God are placed there for a reason that He believes you need to recognize. When you hold something on your lap, it requires that you keep both hands on it, that you don’t get up too quickly and that you don’t ignore it.  God places many blessings on our lap, and yet we don’t always recognize them as a blessing but more as a burden.  

The Sisters at Assisi House have been under the weather with the flu bug.

The house has been under quarantine where the Sisters have had to stay in their rooms and have not been allowed to have any visitors, not even Clover. Although it is for their own good, how often do we not see things as “for our own good”? More so, how has “for their own good” affected the healthy sisters.  Some people would just do what they wanted and not care about others who are sick or spreading the germs that might cause another to also get the flu.

But the Sisters are different. They realize that as a resident of Assisi House, they are more vulnerable and they need to take care of themselves as best they can. How does this become a blessing in their lap? I don’t think that many would think it is, especially if they are sick.

When we are healthy, we want to do what we can while we can. We want to make the best of each day and not let any moment be wasted. We try to do it all. AND when our all is challenged unexpectedly, by illness, worries, stresses or loss, we don’t handle it well.  The flu is one of the unexpected challenges that strikes the entire family weather it be a family with parents and children or a religious community, all members are affected and it is in the spirit of family love that the blessing on their lap is then recognized.

How? Because when we realize that others are suffering, those who don’t necessarily have the strength to cope, our first thought is to pray to God to give them what He knows they need to overcome their suffering and carry their cross. The blessing in their lap is their compassion and love. When the healthy ones seem to have to endure isolation, and other restrictions, this can be difficult, yet the blessing in their lap is their desire to stay healthy and follow the rules so that they can remain healthy even though they would rather not face any restrictions.

The blessing in the lap of the Sisters is their deep faith life and in the challenges that they face, they realize that God is with them and as He abides in them, He isn’t requiring them to do more than they can. They might not be able to focus on their prayers or be in silence all day and that is okay. They might feel anxious, frustrated or tired of being sick and tired, and that is okay too because God is feeling anxious, frustrated and tired with them. God knows our limitations and as our creator who loves us unconditionally, He sees all that He created as good, so we too must do the same. The blessing in our lap is to see God as the one who is cradling us, embracing us and loving us in and during our limitations, frustrations and weariness. One Sister said that she can’t pray all day. I don’t think that she isn’t praying all day, I think that her prayer is different and the blessing in her lap from God is to recognize how her compassion, concern, compliance, respect for her family and her humility is God’s response to her prayers.

As you begin this week, try to see with the eyes of God, and recognize the blessings that are being placed in your lap, be it through or with something that seems ordinary, or an unexpected challenge, or in someone that you are close to or estranged from. God sees through and to the heart, not just the surface, and since we are all God’s children we can and are called to do the same.


Sunday – (in the Mass)

The Eucharist is our greatest gift; it is our spiritual nourishment that can give us spiritual, physical and emotional strength if we are open. The next time you are at Mass, where you think it is the same thing week after week, try to listen to the readings with your heart and hear the message of the good news that Jesus is trying to tell you directly. As you receive the Body and Blood of Jesus, don’t just return to your pew and think of what you are going to do today, but try to see the special gift of the Eucharist as Jesus giving you a spiritual hug and allow yourself to be embraced by Him. Hugs are great to receive, one from Jesus is the best and you deserve the best.


Monday – (in your closest family member)

Do you really appreciate your family members? Do you take them for granted? They may be the same people that you see every day and maybe you don’t see anything special about them, but they are special. Today take a moment to see with the eyes of your heart, a unique and special aspect of them; a special talent or gift that they have been blessed with, the way that they treat you, their smile or their sense of humor, or their ability to make you feel better. Whatever you can find in them, take a moment to say thank you.


Tuesday - (in the person you are physically or emotionally distant from)

There may be those in your life that have caused you harm and you are now estranged from.

Yet, if we are being honest with our self and God, we all have caused others harm. We are all guilty of saying or doing something that has hurt another, just maybe not to the same extent that we feel we have been hurt. As part of the year of mercy, but more importantly, as part of your healing process, pray for that person. Sincerely pray for that person. Pray for whatever is best for them as only God knows. Pray for your strength that you may reach out to them in a spirit of reconciliation, healing and peace. God hears and will answer your prayer.


Wednesday – (in the experience that occupies most of your day)

In your routine and ordinary day, try to see God and His blessings that are being presented to you through the ordinary and routine. In the ordinary and daily commute, routine schedule, work load, conversations, try and see God peeking through and speaking to you by the gift of employment, the quiet time of commuting, the work that you perform, the conversations that you are a part of. Blessings can fall right in our lap and yet we don’t look that close to see them. We tend to look outside or away from, yet our daily life is in our lap. The bodies lap is where God chooses to place Himself. The lap is where others can sit and give us a hug. It is where parents can place their children to talk to them and comfort them. It is the place where we place our arms when we pray as a sign of openness. It is a place where we put things so that we can look at them better. It is a place where you can’t miss if anything is on it. God places His blessings on our lap to remind us that He is so close even when we think He is so far.


Thursday – (in your neighbor)

Your neighbors, do you know them? Do you just see them as they are coming and going? Do you have a chance to converse with them? They are what make up your neighborhood community. Today, whether you see them from a distance or have a good relationship with them, try to see the important role they play in making your neighborhood community the safe, close, pleasant atmosphere that it is. As you do this, can you recognize that they are God’s beloved sons and daughters, and in being His beloved they are joined with you as part of His spiritual family? In a spirit of gratitude, how would you like God to bless them? What would you like to see occur to those who make your community what it is? Pray for this.


Friday – (in your best talent)

Can you and do you see that your talents and gifts are from God? Do you see that they are blessings that are unique to you? Whether you have been acknowledging your talents and gifts from a very young age or as you grew up, or are they something that you have just gotten used to? Do you see them as anything special, just something that you grew up with or grew up doing?

They have been in your lap for a long time and God continues to bless you with them so that you can share them with others. How do you share your gifts and talents with others?

Can you identify them with a sense of humility, pride and gratitude? Or does an ego slip in there and you find yourself saying how great and good you are and it becomes all about you? I would say with the latter, that they may have fallen off your lap and you need to pick them up, dust them off and reverently place them back on your lap with a prayer that you never let them fall off again. Your gifts and talents are God’s gift to you that as you share them, others see that they also have a gift to share. If one is selfish the other will not have the grace filled glimpse from you to see that God has also blessed them. God’s gift to you are your special gifts and talents, how you use them to glorify God is your gift to God.


Saturday – (in the person of YOU)

YOU are an extraordinary person that acts in ordinary ways. You probably don’t see that anything you say or do is anything special or different than the next person, BUT you are wrong. You are a blessing from God for and to others. You are God’s beloved son or daughter, loved unconditionally and His greatest creation. There is nothing ordinary about you. To God, you are a gift and a blessing. You are a glimpse, and you are love. Do you believe this? Do you hear God speaking to your heart and telling this to you? When He speaks to you do you listen or turn the channel? Hello! God never stops loving us or speaking to us. It is we who stop listening to Him. So today allow His message of love to penetrate and permeate your very being and see yourself as the blessing and gift that you are.

It is your lap that God is sitting on, hugging you and placing His blessings on every day; so just don’t stand up too quickly!


Have a blessed week!

Dr C.

Glimpse of God for the week of February 17, 2019.

Have you ever experienced the sense of awe and wonder? Do you remember when you were left speechless and could not put into words what you were feeling? Can you remember the last time you were caught by surprise? 

This week’s Glimpse of God comes from what we probably perceive as "ordinary", but is actually


Whether you live a life full of chaos, fun and excitement or one that seems mundane, boring and simple, the main character in your life is YOU.

You are the main character in your life and others are your supporting cast. The life that you have is God's gift to you, to be lived to the best of your ability and potential, and one that promotes and builds up the Kingdom of God here on earth. Everyone is different and everyone's life is different. Although there may be others with the same first and last name as you, you are one of a kind, there is no one like you nor will there be anyone like you to come. (I am not supporting selfishness or self-centeredness, but rather calling us to recognize our uniqueness as God does.)

As you focus on your life, begin by looking at your body, not whether you think it is too big or too small, too fat or too thin, too short or too tall, but more importantly that God has chosen to dwell within you and that you are His holy temple. God's temple is never too....., only.....or just...., but rather perfect in His eyes.

As you look at your body, then reflect on all that it can do, not what it can't, and honor those activities. Whether you can put your hands to work or together to pray, or you can use your legs to drive, or walk in the shoes of one who is less fortunate, or you can use your voice to call a friend or family member or whisper words of mercy and healing to one who has injured you, these activities are not "ordinary" but "extraordinary" because they are done in and out of love, both God for you, and you for God and others. When we can begin to see and honor the "ordinary" it is then that we see more clearly how "extraordinary" it can be and really is.

The bridge that makes our life "extraordinary" vs "ordinary" is where we encounter God and desire to be in relationship with Him. When we meet God where we are, and decide that we want Him to take us where He wants us to be, then we begin to be and act in extraordinary ways. We act as one who has not only encountered the living God, but who has seen him face to face. When we choose to be with God, it is then that we change and become God centered. It is in that encounter where God chose again to dwell in our heart and it is in that encounter where our lives go from ordinary to extraordinary. 

How often do these encounters take place? These encounters take place as often as one recognizes God and desires to grow in relationship with Him. Only you can recognize, decide and answer!

So as you look at yourself, try not to be critical, but rather honor and reverence yourself. Honor your body, your mind, your spirit, your whole being, because it is the instrument that God uses as He chooses to encounter you on your journey of life, faith and personal transformation.

As you answer the questions that I stated above, try to imagine that God is looking at you in awe and wonder, that He is speechless when you choose Him over the other 'gods' society has placed before Him, and that He is happy to be surprised when one of His sons or daughters returns after a long journey. Our God is not a God who lives in heaven, but rather dwells in our hearts and is reflected by how we open the doors of our hearts so that He can be seen.

As you begin a new week, REFOCUS and TRY to see yourself as the extraordinary and gifted son or daughter of God that you are.  Once you see yourself as the special person that you are, it is then that you crossed over from “ordinary” to “extraordinary”, God has entered your heart and you have allowed God to make Himself known. Our God is the God of the extraordinary and surprising not of the routine and ordinary. Our free will, our surrender and trust in God can prompt surprises and calls us out of our comfort zone, our normal routine and habits



Take time to reflect on the person that you are; the beloved son or daughter of God, His most cherished child, loved unconditionally and beyond belief.

As you reflect and look in the mirror to see the wonderful person that God has created, seek to see at least one aspect of your person that you would like to change, and ask for the grace to change. For instance, pray for the grace to be thankful for your God given gifts and talents and take compliments because of them, instead of dismissing or diminishing them, or your reluctance to forgive or seek forgiveness.

For Today Reflect on what God is calling you to do so that you can better recognize His presence within yourself and how He has called you to be His beacon to others.



Embrace your giftedness and don’t push it away. Your giftedness is God’s gift to you and how you honor reverence it is a sign of your love for God.

You have many gifts and talents because you are deeply blessed, but as humans we don’t want to be too proud so we diminish any compliments about our gifts and talents to “it’s nothing, anyone can do that…..” So not true. A gift is a great something, and not anyone can use your gift as God wants you to. Your gift from God is especially chosen and created for you so be grateful humble and happy

For Today –Ask for the grace to recognize at least five of your gifts and talents, but also how you may better use them to show the glory of God in your life



Focus on the positive and see any negative as an opportunity for personal and spiritual transformation and growth.

Focus on your positive attributes, there are many. For instance: Your ability to be present to others, your desire to help those in need, your knack to lift up the spirits of someone who is experiencing the weight of a heavy cross, your selflessness to lift in prayer those who have entrusted their needs to you. BUT as you do this, God may reveal to you how you can be better, more patient with yourself perhaps, more forgiving of yourself and others, don’t take this as a punishment or a reason to be down on yourself, but more of God revealing to you what He knows you can be and have the potential to become. Rejoice He believes in you as others also do.

For today Ask for the grace to realize your potential as God sees it.



Open the doors of your heart so that His mercy, compassion, peace, joy, happiness and love can enter in. Open the doors to invite people in and not shut them out.

Sometimes we close the doors of our hearts because we are afraid to trust others due to negative experiences in the past or even in the present. God understands our reluctance, but God does not want us to have to doors of our hearts closed to others, because when we do, we are closing them to Him and failing to see His presence in others,

For today Ask for the grace to open the doors that are closed and seek help to let others in.



Close your eyes when you can only see the negative about yourself and not anything positive.  Close your mind to the tapes that play from your past that continue to squash your self-esteem,

diminish your self-worth, and destroy your inner goodness and outer greatness. Closing these aspects will not allow the negative to continue to enter in and take control. Instead seek to be more open so that you can allow God to take control and show you that which He knows will bring you closer and nearer to Him.

For Today Ask for the grace to know when to close your eyes and when to be open, when to let go of what you see, and when to embrace what you see. What you see is only one aspect, but God sees, loves and embrace the big picture of YOU.



Unlock the doors that keep others out and keep you isolated, clean the mirrors that keep you from seeing yourself as God truly sees you, and unlock the windows that keep you from looking out and seeing the beautiful creation that God has made.

We have mirrors, we have windows and we have doors. Mirrors can allow us to see our self as God sees us, windows can allow us to see the God in others and in His creation, and doors can allow others in , BUT to see as God sees either in the mirror or out the window, or through the door, we need to clean the mirror off, open the doors and windows, to have them unlocked, if you will, and want to see with eyes of God and not the eyes of society.  We are influenced by society and we allow our identity to be that of the world. Our identity is that we are God’s beloved children, in the world but not of the world, what we do does not impact our indelible baptismal identity as God children. How we live and love is what others see and calls us to be our true and authentic self.

For Today Ask for the grace to ask for the key to unlock the doors and windows and lean the mirrors that are keeping you from seeing yourself and others as God’s beloved children, unconditionally loved and forgiven.



Soften the hardness of heart, mind and spirit that is keeping you from experiencing the gentle touch and the soft whisper of God.

Sometimes our hearts are like hard butter, you need to let it stay out so that it spread easier and not make things crumble. If we approach our weaknesses or those of others with a hard heart and response, we are not spreading God’s love but rather offering it in messy bits and pieces. ’


For today Ask for the grace to hold back from saying anything that will hurt another, make their hearts hardened or cause them to want to run from you instead of seeking the God that is in you. Soften your approach to how you deal with your impatience, anger, frustration, stress or exhaustion.






Glimpse of God for the week of February 10, 2019

My glimpse of God for this week comes from a seemingly unlikely source. As I think of a Glimpse of God and how He chooses to reveal Himself, I have come to realize it is not just in the how but also in the what. I think of not only how He chooses to reveal Himself and the message in that revelation, but also what does He use to show Himself and His message. He created all things and creatures, so He can choose to reveal His message, His presence, His love, in any way that humanity can behold it. For this week, I see His glimpse in the beauty of a big fish tank that stands in the lobby of the Assisi House, in the Clare unit as well as the one in Sister MTC’s room.

The beauty of the fish tank lies not only in the various types and sizes of fish, but also in the colorful decorations inside the tank, the beautiful crystal-clear water and the greenery that reaches up and stretches out with the water to help keep its shape.

How is a beautiful fish tank a glimpse of God? Besides in the calming effects that it holds for those who behold it, and the kaleidoscope of colorful fish that swim in it, it also tells a love story; the love of God for all His creation and the love of the Sisters for his creation.

The fish tank is a window to the world, their window to the human world and our window to their world.  Living in a fish tank might seem constricting, perhaps controlled, but only if you are looking for it to be.  The beauty of a fish tank filled with fish and other creatures can open one’s eyes to how God would like us to strive and imitate what we are beholding.  As we go through another week, let us =begin it with a new set of eyes and seek to behold God’s beauty in the least of His creatures.


The tank, the four walls if you will, that make a home for the many and varied fish and other creatures that live within it.  How is a glass fish tank a Glimpse of God, or how can we see God by looking in it?   The tank is the window to the world of the inhabitants.  There is an automatic transparency. Nothing is hidden, no creature that is within its glass walls can really hide without being seen, yet all are safe.  Isn’t that a good way to be?  A life of transparency, a life with no barriers, obstructions or walls to hide behind, or keep others away.  As a follower of Christ, we should be authentic, consistent and transparent, and not a hypocrite. The gospel of love, the gospel that Jesus preached is the one that we should strive to follow and live by. Our life should reflect a genuineness and authenticity from the inside out. We cannot lie to, deceive or run from God.  God knows all and there is nothing hidden that He is not aware of.   He doesn’t use His knowledge of our sinfulness against us, but rather He embraces our hearts with His hope, consolation, peace and compassion.  He knows our hearts better that we do and when our heart, the home that He abides in, is broken, He wants to bring healing upon it and make it whole again.  God seeks us out especially when we try to hide because we are ashamed, or embarrassed. We can choose to remain in the muddy waters of sin or bad choices, but His desire for us is that we come to Him, not run away. That we choose to be transparent, trusting that we can and will exude and reflect His love and mercy, peace and compassion because we want to be the best person that we can be and have the potential to become.

For today, seek to be more transparent because in your transparency, others will see your heart the heart of love, your love for God and others and God’s love for you.


God gives us home here on earth, it may not be filled with water, but it is the waters of baptism that will being us to our heavenly home when our earthly journey has ended.  The waters of new life, of renewal, of purification, are ours. Every time we bless our self with holy water, we are recalling our baptism with a prayer and the sign of the cross.  The waters of baptism invite us to enter into the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  It is the passion and death where we encounter the devil’s temptations to resist Christ and be true to the gospel, but it is the same waters that remind us that Jesus is and will always be with us so that we can remain faithful.  It is the waters of baptism that, although we may not be feeling the refreshing and cleansing experience that water brings, we are always living in the light and effects that our baptism forever gives us. The effects of our baptism enable us to live in union and love with each other. Notwithstanding our differences but in honor of them.  Like the fish we can freely be our self, be true to our self and honor those we encounter as they too try to live and be true to them self as children of God.

For today, as you bless your self with holy water, recall the gift and cleansing power that it holds and seek to accept it, not reject it or dismiss it.  You are blessed and a blessing, reverence your gift of self and that of others.


The filter in the fish tank is there to keep the water clean, to remove excess food and decaying organic matter, free floating stuff and the waste from the fish. 

What is our filter? What do we, as Catholics, have to get rid of our waste those things that cause us to feel less than our better self, the best person that God created us to be? What does it look like? What keeps our souls clean our hearts open and our minds focused? The Church gives us the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist as our filters in union with our personal prayer life. God provides these filters so that we can stay focused on Christ.  They allow us, or invite us, to be strengthened in body, mind and spirit so that we can be true to Him and to our self. They allow us to keep and open mind and open our hearts to Him and His great love for us so that we can share that love with each other, even those we do not know, but will encounter.

For today, say a prayer of gratitude for the gifts of Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist, and remind your self that the graces received go a long way and are the filters that keep the wasteful things: revenge, anger, bitterness, resentment at a distance and bring the good: mercy, compassion, forgiveness, peace and joy, closer.



Every stone in the tank exudes the beauty of God that each person on the in this case, fish, possesses.  We are all unique in the eyes of God. We are all His beloved children, loved unconditionally and are His greatest creation.  We are loved for who we are and not for what we do. Although the stones may all look alike, some are the same color and the same size, each one is different, no two stones are the same. We as humans are all different, there are no two humans that are the same.  We all have the love of God in our heart that calls us to love and respond to love in our unique and individual way.  The stones represent how we as humans can sometimes be: hard of heart, resisting of change, not wanting to be transformed, but rather stay just as we are.  The stone, although entrenched in water, does not break down.  We, if we choose not to recall our baptism or the filters that God gives us, cannot experience transformation or conversion, and we remain hard of heart.  BUT if we allow the graces and filters of God to truly affect us, then like the stones, we add to the beauty of creation by being the loving, caring and giving people that God created us to be, and knows that we want to be. God knows that although we can sometimes be hard headed and hard of heart, we also have the potential to change and seek to be formed, reformed and transformed into the image and likeness of the true Body of Christ. If you removed any one of the stones, there would be a void, something would be missing.  How much more would there be a void if one of us would be removed or worse yet, if we were to remove our self from interaction with others because of shame, sin or weakness? There would be a void, we would be missed. We all are called to build the Kingdom here on earth and we all add to the beauty of the Kingdom so when we pluck out or leave from our mission of co creating God’s kingdom here on earth, we then create a empty space that makes the big picture incomplete. When God calls us home, our hope is that whoever replaces or fills in for us so that the kingdom can continue to be built, it is by someone that we were witness to and will choose to follow Christ and b His witness as we tried to be.

For today, pray for those who have gone before you, and recall one aspect that they passed on to you that has inspired you to continue to be a co-creator in God’s kingdom here on earth.


As one gazes into the fish tanks, the first and most beautiful sight is the movement of the many types of and varied sized fish that swim next to, underneath, around each other, without attacking each other. They, unlike humanity at times, all seem to get along despite their differences.  There is not blatant killing of a small fish by a big fish, or the frog eating the small fish, if there were, the tank would be empty. Their habitat is a safe habitat because they have been carefully chosen and placed there, and the beauty that one beholds is how they an coexist with each other.

As members of the body of Christ, as His greatest creation, shouldn’t we, can’t we learn from the fish and try to get along with each other, especially those who are different and those who challenge us? We are called to be builders of God’s kingdom here on earth and as builders, we are going to work with those who are different: in race, religion, culture, yet desire to bring God’s love to the world as they understand it. We are called, not to judge, but to show mutual respect, and understanding and to live in unity with each other and our differences.

For today, let us strive to behold the beauty in another, especially in someone that you do not always get along with or see eye to eye with. Say a prayer of gratitude for them and the differences that they possess.



The fish that swim and the frog that leaps up and down in the water, speak of our uniqueness and how we all blessed with different talents, and gifts that add to God’s big picture and beautiful creation.  The frog is unique in that as a water frog he is content and happy living in the water. He can be seen though, swimming to the top to get air and then returning to the bottom when he has had enough.

I can’t help but imagine that we too as humans do the same thing. We run around, are busy about many things, that we don’t take the time to come up for air.  We allow our self to get run down physically, emotionally and spiritually, and it isn’t until we realize that we cannot continue to keep going this way, that we feel that we are going to sink, we come up for air? What does that mean or look like? What is the air that we come up for? As believers the air that we seek to breathe is the Spirit and breath of God.  It is the gentle whisper and voice that gives us direction and guides us on our earthly journey.  We need God in our world, our community, our church, our family and our self to be our moral and spiritual compass so that we can stay the course and not be led to sink, but rather to swim and seek that air that refreshes us and gives us life.  As God gives us air, our very next breath, we can choose to be the breath of life or the breath of death. We can build up another or we can tear down just in and by our words.  The frog comes up for air on a regular basis, do we? Do we seek the fresh air of God or do we hold our breath, or are we short of breath?

For today, focus on your breathing and seek to be the breath of God in your words, both those you speak and those you pray.



God dwells in all His creatures.  We as humans have been given the responsibility to carefully and lovingly take care of those less fortunate, the vulnerable and the helpless. The fish and the frog in the tank are symbolic of the kaleidoscope of the many facets and forms of creation.  The fish, the frog, the greenery, the props, the stones, the water, all are needed and desired to make the inhabitants happy so that they can coexist with each other.

Imagine this;

The fish that can swim about freely, happily and without heavy burdens to carry or crosses that weigh them down. Isn’t that what God wants for you? To be free and cast your worries on Him?

The frog that can leap happily in the water and yet is able to come up for air, not out of desperation or exhaustion, but rather energy so that he can continue to live happily and freely in the water with the fish? Isn’t that what God wants for us? Not to come to Him so much out of desperation and exhaustion but more so out of love and the desire to be life giving and truly happy?

The stones that lay a beautiful foundation. We are God’s beautiful foundation, all with different gifts and talents that make the kingdom a beautiful kaleidoscope of love to behold.

And my favorite the greenery…You can’t over water it and that is my favorite type of plant.







Glimpse of God for the week for February 3, 2019

There is a theme here….

Midwinter day of reflection …”It’s a snowday t ime to build a snowbody” See webiste page Morning of Reflection

My glimpse of God comes from a source that brings me a deep sense of joy, makes me smile when my eyes behold it, reminds me that even in the midst of the severe cold of winter, the snow that accumulates, the frost on the windows, the lack of daylight and the lack of desire to be outside because I get cold too easily, he or she is still a picture of joy with a great smile to go with it.

What is this glimpse? This glimpse is that of SNOWMAN or SNOWWOMAN or SNOWCHILD.

When I was a child, the first thing that I did when it snowed and the snow was good for packing, was to go out and make a snowman. My snowman was as unique as I was. It would have a variety of things that could be found around the house to be used as his ears, eyes, nose, mouth, hands and shirt buttons. Then the topper would be his hat, hopefully like the one that Frosty wore, but in my case, any hat that I could find around the house would do. My snowman, depending on the cold and the packing of the snow, would have two or three big balls of snow. The biggest on the bottom, the next smallest would be his belly and the smaller would be his head. If it was too cold or the snow wasn’t packing snow, he would have a big belly and a small head. When I was done, I would look at he finished product and smile.

How can it bring me to see God more clearly? Does God work through such “made up” characters? I believe that God works through and with all His creation and creatures. We are His greatest creation and when we seek to see His joy, in the small and big ways, and desire to bring it to others, then we are working in unison with Him in bringing about and building His Kingdom here on earth. We are all called to use the gifts that God has given us. Snow is a gift. We can complain about it, tolerate it, ignore it or use it to bring joy to children and the big kid in all of us.

I still smile today when I see children creating a snowman. I don’t think that the fun that I experienced making or building a snowman can be compared to anything else.

So if you come to our house during the winter months, your eyes will behold the many sizes and shapes of various snowmen, snowwomen, snow children, and even one snow dog, but we lack a snow cat . I am surrounded by various snow creatures that make me smile and remind me that even with the simplest gift, that of snow, God invites, allows and waits for me to be attentive and creative. I also believe that as people enter our home and smile, they are remembering something that brings them joy. I don’t ask why they are smiling,I can only imagine that it may be for the same reasons that I do.

So as we enter a new week of winter, although without snow according to the weather people, let us think of ways that we can bring a smile to another and strive to accomplish that task.


SUNDAY  - “S” - Sincere

In all of interactions with others, our first thought is that we need to be sincere genuine and authentic as Children of God, followers of Christ. We cannot, should not interact with others, attempting to make them smile or bring them a sense of peace, happiness or joy, if we are not sincere in our reason and desire to help them. We cannot bring happiness to others if our message is just words and not from the heart. People who are suffering or unhappy for whatever reason, are not always looking to hear the right words, as much as they are looking for someone to be honest, sincere, and humble as they interact with them. People see through our deception, our false image, our need to make our self feel good at their expense, and our ego that thinks we are succeeding and fooling them. We don’t have to pretend that we are perfect, but we do have to be sincere when we meet another imperfect human being, just as we are, and seek to raise them up.


MONDAY – “N”- Not me

When we seek to help another to make them happy, it should not be about us. God will reward us, will show us that in our spirit of humility and selflessness, that we are being taken care of, that we are loved, and in our being loved, we are able to love others. As you go to help others today, go with the attitude that it is about them and that God will give you the words to speak. He will show you how to be present and to that person. He will also show you how, it is about you and how you responded to His invitation to build another up, and not tear them down or ignore their plight.


TUESDAY – “O”- Open minded

When you reach out to others today, keep an open mind. One never knows what another is thinking or feeling, yet what they say can shock, surprise or hurt you. Keeping an open mind will allow you to see things better from their perspective, experience or circumstances. As you reach out to others in an attempt to help them, remember that they are in a need and in that need, they are vulnerable, and when one is vulnerable, they tend to say or do things that they would not normally do or say.


WEDNESDAY  - “W”  -Wise

Being wise or having wisdom is not something that one can fall upon; it must be gained by personal experience and the ability to see things from another perspective. One of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is wisdom. Wisdom is a gift that allows us to make the right decision, as God would want us to do. When we strive to make another happy or help raise them up, then we are using the gift of wisdom. Wisdom differentiates the right motives from the wrong, and enables us to make a decision that goes in accord with the will of God and not our own. They say that wisdom comes with age. I believe that as we mature the desire to make the right decision no matter what it may be.

As you seek to help another today, pray for the gift of wisdom so that you can see more clearly where and what God is calling you to say or do.


THURSDAY – “M”  -Merciful

We are all called show mercy, just as God has been and continues to be merciful with us, we are called to share that gift with others. When you seek to make another happy, you are seeing beyond any weakness and looking to the heart. Being merciful is not something that we can take lightly. As we are weak, so too is our brother and sisters in Christ. When we seek to help others, we are seeing their need, not their weakness.

Today when you go to help another, remember that they might feel vulnerable, needy, and possibly stressed to the point of being angry. See past this and look to their heart.


FRIDAY – “A” - Awesome

God is awesome!!!!

His gifts are not only special, but awesome because they have been chosen just for us.

People have been placed in our life to show us that we are all God's chosen beloved children and that we are here to help support each other on our earthly journey. 

For today as you recall the many memories that bring you joy, like the snowmen do for me, offer a prayer of thanks to God for those memories. As you are placed in the lives of others and you want to help them recognize the awesomeness of God, don't just use words but let your heart speak. Let your heart speak of the love that it is filled with and that you want to share. Others will see the power, presence of the awesome God more clearly and with greater clarity. 


SATURDAY  - “N” - Newness

When we attempt to lift others up, we often find our self more lifted than the person that we hoped to help. God works with the hearts of His faithful and when our hearts are in the right place, He can work wonders. We experience a newness . We experience a refreshing spirit that not only is uplifting, but also transforming. As I look at the many snowwomen, snowmen and snowchildren in my home, I experience a refreshing spirit of joy and happiness. No matter what the day had or has in store, I believe that in and through the gifts that God showers upon me: His grace, His mercy, His peace, His unconditional love, these gifts transform me and invite me to transform the lives of others. So when I seek to help others, it is not my idea, but rather God speaking.

So today when you extend a helping hand to lift another up, remind yourself that it is God extending His hand to you and lifting you up so that you can do likewise. "For what you do to the least of my breathren you do unto me."





Glimpse of God for the week of January 27, 2019

My glimpse of God for this week comes from a good friend of ours who happens to be an excellent photographer with his own business.  Bob B. who owns his own studio, took the photos of our wedding anniversary vow renewal.  John and I went to his studio to place the order for the photos that we had chosen and while we were there, we were given the grand tour of his studio and all that goes into his photography business  I do have to say that until that tour, I had many misconceptions about, and of what professional photographers went through, and how they developed and processed what they saw through the lens of their camera.  An amazing, complicated, intricate, huge, and fantastic business. Bob owns his own studio, does a lot of work both in the community, county and other cities.  He takes his business seriously, not for financial reasons, but more importantly because he feels called by God to this ministry and he is very good at it.

John and I have known Bob and his wife for many years. We consider them good friends and a great blessing in our lives.  They are both very sincere, genuine, authentic and faith filled individuals who believe and live out their Christian calling and vocation of building God’s kingdom here one earth.

In Bob’s case it is one smile, one pose, one sitting, one event, one picture at a time.

As I reflect on the ministry of being a photographer, I think of what it takes to be a good one.  A photographer wants to bring out the best in the people that they are taking a picture of.  For this to occur, he or she needs to be personable, be a beacon of ease and comfort, humor and flexibility. When one is taking a picture of someone, that person may not be experiencing joy or happiness, peace or calm, but rather grief, stress, pain, and possibility the weight of a heavy cross, and yet they are asked to smile for the camera. Does that mean that the photographer is void of people’s suffering and tells them to smile for the camera so that he can say that he is doing his job?

I don’t believe so. A good photographer is able to bring out the best in people despite what they may be experiencing in their own personal life.  He is able to, by this personable approach, take the occasion, the bond of friendship between the guests and the hosts, the love that is deeper and resilient in the midst of pain or stresses, and enables those to be photographed to think beyond themselves for a brief second and bring out the smile that is not one of denial, but of hope and expectation. Bob was able to do that for us and the pictures that we chose will be given to some who were experiencing severe illness, recent death of a husband and father, stroke, cancer, family estrangements, and the challenges of growing older.  The photos that these individuals will see of themselves, will remind them of the love that they were surrounded by, in embraced in by us but more importantly by their God.  

As we begin a new week, let us look at what types of pictures we take and what they could mean in a deeper more profound way.


SUNDAY – “Panoramic

A long, beautiful view of God’s creation either of the outdoors, family members, or special events. A panoramic view covers more so that nothing, or no one important, is cut off and where the whole is included and there is no need to do a second shot. God takes a panoramic view shot of us each and every day. From the moment of our conception, He saw the big picture: our parents, how we would be a blessing in their life, and how our life would unfold with His graces and blessings. He didn’t just give us live and leave us alone, but rather gave us live both physical and spiritual and has allowed the panoramic view to be filled with and completed by those who have been His instruments to growing His life and love: Family, friends, mentors, church, community, neighbors, colleagues and most importantly us, the focus of the picture.

For today, let us pray for those who have been carefully placed in the panoramic view of our life and ask that God continue to use them as His instruments to bringing life, love and joy to those they encounter.


MONDAY  -“Still shot”

As you spend time with others today either in conversation or physical presence, make a choice to not enter into the conversation or visit feeling rushed or leave as if you had enough, but rather seek to make the person that you are speaking with or visiting, as if they are the only person that matters at that time, that they are you only focus, and be still.

For today, as you live the day and encounter others, try to hold onto a specific place, person or instance where you felt the presence of God and want to hold onto it before going on and perhaps losing it. As you are in the presence of another, seek to be more aware and strive to be truly singularly present to them and not feel as if you have to rush. Be still and know and let them know, that God is there in their presence.


TUESDAY - “Video”  

When we take a video, it is because we want to capture the entire event both in voice, and activity, and not miss any details. If God is taking a video of you today, what would you want it to be of? Your time with family and friends, of your time at work, of your time in prayer? What moment, event, situation, do you want to capture and revisit so that you don’t lose the feeling that might or you expect to accompany it? Whose voice do you want to rehear? If you turn up the volume, will you hear God’s voice and see His activity in your life as the video unfolds?

For today, think of your video and imagine how beautiful it will be when God reveals to you through action, voice and activity, how you are and always will be His beloved child that not action, step, word or breath that you take is ever forgotten, only remembered fondly and in love.


WEDNESDAY – “Slide”  

A slide show. Slides are made because we want to share a significant and important event with others. It is a time to capture the attention of those present and explain what the slide means to us.

For today, as you recall various life experiences, events and people that have captured your attention, stay with them, don’t diminish their significance, or run from their effects. Appreciate the show.


THURSDAY – “Flash” – We use a flash when we take pictures in the dark and we want to see them clearly. In the midst of darkness, discouragement, despair or the daily stresses of life, do you need a flash or are you the glimmer of light and hope amid the darkness that surrounds and envelopes you or others? God is and always will be the light that shines through the darkness. Christ died so that we may never see things as hopeless.

For today, try to bring to the surface the underlying message of hope, encouragement or solace to another who is walking in the darkness of physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual darkness. The flash of encouragement, care, compassion and support can fill the painful picture of life with wholeness and hope, healing and true happiness.


FRIDAY – “Crop” – We crop out of photos those things or effects that we don’t like and don’t want to see. As a survivor of many traumatic and life changing things, (read my book: Shopping for a Lighter Cross, available on Amazon), there are many events and situations, that I would like to crop out of the big picture, but I know that it is those very things that have made me and many other the strong, faith filled, individuals that we are and without them, we would not be. Our crosses are not meant to define us, whether they be of illness, cancer, financial woes, unemployment, homelessness, or whatever, they not meant to define us, they are not our identity, they are the crosses that will, if we are open to it,  enable us to grow and become the best person that God knows we can be and have the potential to become.  If we let any cross or illness define us, then we miss seeing the truly beautiful and loved person that we are in God’s eyes and the one that  God created us to be.

For today if you encounter a person, experience or situation that you want to crop out, try to recognize the beauty that lies within and see it in context to the big picture. Remember that which we might crop out, either person, event or situation, will make our picture incomplete thus possibly eliminating a true source of healing, mercy, compassion for us from them.


SATURDAY – “Selfie”

Jesus Christ was not about himself, he was about others. He was not about ego, but He is about empathy, compassion, understanding, mercy, love and peace. He was not about being the hero, but he is about healing and helping others. He is not about criticism but he is about compassion. He was about leading others to know and love His heavenly Father, and being in a relationship that was one of heart to heart.

For today, the next time you take a selfie would it be as you appear in a mirror where the only focus is on you, or would it be as you looked out the window and saw God’s reflection in and through His Kingdom here on earth, with you building up His kingdom one prayer, one action, one picture at a time?.

Glimpse of God for the week of January 20, 2019

Happy Snow!!!!! The snow laying on the trees and lawn creates a beautiful, peaceful scenic picture, but I realize that for some the snow is not a cause for peace, celebration, elation or joy. For others, like children; more often than not, it is a cause for joy that school is canceled, and that there is free time to either go sledding, build snowmen, build snow angels or snow children, go snowboarding or go skiing.

For adults it can be headache. There are those who have to drive in it, wait for public transportation, arrange for daycare, miss work, and these are not times of joy, celebration or elation, but rather pure aggravation.

My Glimpse of God comes in how we see snow in relation to our lives. Snow in and of itself is a beautiful sight. Each and every snowflake is different, there are no two flakes

the same. Each holds a unique and exquisite beauty. Aren’t we also unique? There are no two people the same. We are beautiful because we are God’s sons and daughters made in His likeness and image. We touch this earth, we are created with a purpose and no matter what God’s purpose is for us, it builds upon our internal and external beauty, it doesn’t take away from it.

It is our thinking, our life experiences, the expectations that we place on our self that make us believe that we are not beautiful and our self-worth is seen in a negative way. God doesn’t think or want that of us. He wants us to see our self as He sees us.

The snow causes panic because we recognize that there is ice underneath it and how dangerous it will be to walk or drive in.

We panic when we have to shovel the snow and we don’t have the physical capabilities to do such, so we have to pay someone to do it for us. We know that it is cold outside and some people don’t like the cold. There are many reasons that we can fail to see the beauty of the snow because we see ahead and the other factors that will impact our day or days.


Life is like the snow. Because of life challenges, crosses or obstacles, we sometimes fail to see the true beauty that lies before us. There are situations that make us fearful of taking steps towards reconciliation, healing, freedom, and wholeness. We are snowed in and until we ask for the courage to take the steps that are needed, to take the shovel or the snow blower, and get whatever binds us, out of our way, we will remain snowed in.

God wants us to be free so that we can enjoy the snow even if we just look at it from inside. It is not about going outside and building or creating a snowman, it is about having the courage and overcoming the fear so that we want to. One never knows, perhaps you can build your own snow creation this week!


SUNDAY – Just take the time to see and admire the beauty of the snow. How it covers the trees and the bushes and how it creates such a clean view (before the slush), and thank God for the gift of its unique beauty. Then go one step more and see yourself as a unique creation and how you also spread God’s presence and beauty by being the best person that you can be each and every day. That is all God asks.

At this time imagine this as taking some snow and packing it in your hands. You can physically do this or use crayon, paper, or any type of medium (indoors!) that you choose to build snow creations that reflect your God given gifts and graces!


MONDAY – Just take the time to recognize one other person in your life that has offended you. Reflect on that person or situation that made you feel bad; by diminishing your self-esteem through their actions, words or attitude toward you. Ask God to help you see them as He sees them.

At this time imagine that you have the snow that you packed in your hands from yesterday and see the person that has offended you. Take a good look at the snow in your hand and see the relationship you had before the offense. Was it good? Did you enjoy their company? Were you happy when you were with them? Can you see them as God sees them and forgive them? Take the snow and form it, pack it more (don’t throw it!), make it firm, perhaps it can be the foundation snowball for your soon to be snow creation.


TUESDAY – Just take time to be careful in the snow. Be sure to make clear your pathway so that you don’t slip or fall.  Can you realize that just as you are careful and don’t want to hurt yourself or want others to get hurt, God wants the same for you. He doesn’t like it when we hurt others, get hurt by others or hurt our self. He wants us to be His instrument of peace, joy, reconciliation, and compassion.

Try to imagine taking another handful of snow and forming it into a snowball that reflects your desire to forgive. This step can be difficult. Make a snowball that can withstand any change of heart that holds God’s grace and courage to want to be a forgiving person.


WEDNESDAY – Just take time see the snow as a child does. A child does not have to worry about driving in it or shoveling it, but rather enjoys the consequences of it: a day off, snowmen, skiing, or snow boarding. Can you remember when you were a child and had the day to play in the snow? Did it feel good to go out and play as long as you wanted to? Do you remember dressing up the snowman with a hat, carrots for a nose, whatever for a mouth and ears? You made a unique creation from scratch. What a feeling of accomplishment, of completion. God created you from scratch. Imagine His joy for and in you.

Imagine now that you are in the final steps of building your own snow creation. How big is your snow creation now? You want to build on your courage, so go for it. Make another pack of snow and let it represent your courage, compassion and reconciliation to God, others and self.


THURSDAY – Just take the time to feel the goodness of God and how He has blessed you. How is your relationship is with Him? If you desire that it be stronger, just pray that it continues to grow and be strengthened.

Today take a good look at your snow creation and how it reflects your spiritual growth and the graces that God has filled you with. Pray for your relationships, the good and the weak and ask that God help you as you try to be His peace and truth in them. This is an opportunity to make the head of your snow creation.

What do you think your head should look like? Is it a big head, a small head, or a head that is properly proportioned to the body that has been created? God’s creation is perfect; we humans have changed what He has originally created. Our heads can become too big when we think that the world revolves around us and our ego is inflated. Our heads can become too small when others make us feel, or we make others feel, less than the person that God has created us to be. Our heads our perfect when we use our brain, senses and our mouth to be God’s reflection and beacon in our family, community and world.

If you decided to forgive, if you took the steps towards healing, reconciliation and peace, I think your head will be just right.


FRIDAY – Just take time to see your snow creation and see your life as building upon God’s graces. He molds us and forms us to be the best person that we can be. Can you recognize the times where you were changed and saw things in a new light? Do you see how you have spiritually matured and how your relationship with God has also grown and matured? Look at your snow creation, does it represent the better you, the changed you, the person that perhaps sees things, situations, people in a new and blessed light?

Now is the time to place the eyes on your snow creation. Let the eyes be those of God where you will strive to see people, circumstances, and situations as He does, where you will try to not place judgment, but rather show compassion and mercy.


SATURDAY – Just take the time to recognize where you complimented on something that you wore or how you looked or your hairstyle. How did you feel when someone said something nice to you or when you complimented someone else? The words that we speak need and should be words that are life giving. God looked at His creation and when He saw the man and the woman that HE created, His final words were they were GOOD.

He compliments you often! Do you hear Him? Do you hear Him when He tells you that He loves you that He cares for you more than any human can? Do you hear Him when He tells you that HE is pleased and happy that you are His beloved son or daughter?

God speaks to our hearts and we speak to others hearts. Now is the time to place the mouth and ears on your snow creation as a symbol of God’s life-giving words to you and from you and the ears that are open to hear them.






Glimpse of God for the week of January 13, 2019

This week’s Glimpse of God comes in the form of a different kind if rainbow, the one of friendship. When we look at a rainbow, we see the many beautiful colors that together create the bow in the horizon. When I look at a rainbow I am always struck with a sense of awe and wonder.   When I close my eyes, I am always filled with a spirit of joy, great hope and a deep abiding sense of peace. Friendship is a different type of rainbow in that it also renews my joy, deepens my peace and strengthens my hope. It is in friendship where I recognize the promise and presence of God in and through His beloved sons and daughters. I am blessed that I have people that I consider friends, and even more blessed that they consider me their friend.

In all of the conversations and laughter of this week: at Assisi House with the Sisters and Clover, at Saint John’s Hospice, with the homeless men for our monthly faith sharing, and with parishioners that attend dally mass, I was witness to a different kind of rainbow; a promise being fulfilled. The meeting up with friends is an incarnational sign of the fulfillment of God’s promise that He would always be with me, and that He would never leave or forsake me. I saw it in the many friendships that I have been blessed to have, especially with the Sisters at Assisi house, the men at SJH and parishioners that attend daily Mass. They all remind me that we share a bond of faith in Christ and compassion, peace and presence.

The friends that were gathered were the extension of that promise as Members of the Body of Christ. As faithful, faith filled individuals, trying to live and be the best people that God has created them to be, and sinners striving to be saints, they are tangible witnesses of God’s presence in my life. Their presence reminds me that God’s promise is being fulfilled in the many different and varied ways. They are signs of hope when things are tough. They are merciful and joy filled. They are instruments of peace and vessels of hope. They are humble disciples that through their lives profess their love for God, others and self.

The gifts of friendship, the gift of a rainbow, the gift of self are three of the many signs of God’s love. We are all signs of God’s love for and to each other, but do we know that, and if we know it, do we believe it?

This week, especially in the barrenness of winter with the snow on the ground, and the cold temperatures, take a moment to be refreshed and filled with hope as you think of the rainbow as a sign of promise, new life and of hope, I would like to look at the colors of the rainbow and the meaning in the colors as you look at what friendship means.

Sunday (RED) – Love.

The gift of God’s love for you, your love for God, your love for self and your love for others.  Can you let your heart be expanded so that it can be filled with more love? Has your heart been broken that you are afraid to love? Let God, through your friends, be a source of healing, consolation and peace. If you allow friends to love you as you truly are, with your flaws and your virtues, then you can stand before God in a spirit of humility, and peace. 

May your prayer today be that of a better and more God centered understanding of love, and how much He loves you and how loved you are by others.

Monday (ORANGE) – Openness

Are you open to the surprises that God has in store for you? Are you ready to receive the many graces that will transform, conform and reform you into a clearer image of God to others? Can you stand before others and humbly accept their honest criticism so as to grow? Is the door of your heart open so Christ can enter in and rest, abide in you?

May your prayer today be that you open your mind and heart to the presence of Christ and how He chooses to reveal Himself.

Tuesday (YELLOW) - Joy   

Joy is not the denial of pain or suffering, but the trust that in and through it, God is present. Joy comes when you realize that God’s presence is the source of your happiness. Do you want to be a joyful person? Are you surrounded by joyful people? Are your friends joyful people? Is the joy of the Eucharist, the true presence of Christ in your life, your spiritual foundation and the foundation of your friends?

May your prayer today be one that seeks to stand in the light of your cross and its truth, with a spirit of humility, courage, joy and gratitude.

Wednesday (GREEN) - Hope

Do you have hope? Are you a messenger of hope?

May your prayer today be one that allows the love and peace of God transcend your stress, alleviate your suffering and transform your mind so that you can be a hopeful, hope filled person of faith.

Thursday (BLUE) - Rebirth

Do you remember the promises that were made for you at baptism by your parents and Godparents? Can you close your eyes and allow the feeling of God’s love washing away your sins and making you whole? We love our friends for who they truly are, from what we see to what we know lies in their heart.

As a human being we sin and offend God and those we love the most, are we merciful to those around us?  In and through our baptism, we enter into the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Do we embrace our mission as His disciples or do we run from it?

May your prayer today be that of a greater courage and strength so that you may embrace your call as God’s disciple, carry your cross with a greater self-conviction and determination, and choose to witness to His presence in your life, so that you may be His beacon to those you encounter: family, friends, neighbor and stranger,

Friday (INDIGO) - Integrity

Are you a person of integrity? Do you have strong moral principles? Do you stand up as a witness to your faith? Do you see in yourself and in your friends: a person of good character, a fair person, a person that is truthful and trustworthy? All these virtues are aspects that make and create a rainbow of friendship. 

May your prayer today be that to grow in the integrity of God and be able to recognize it in others.

Saturday (VIOLET) - Peace

Is there someone you need to forgive so that you can be at peace with them?  Is your heart troubled and do you want to experience peace, healing and reconciliation? Can you allow your friends to help you and bring you the comfort and peace that Christ wants for you?

May your prayer today be to be a peacemaker, open to God’s call, and an instrument of His peace, integrity, joy, love, hope, and mercy


Glimpse of God for the week of January 6, 2019

My glimpse of God for this week is being left to you, don’t be surprised, you are a Glimpse of God and therefor you have the ability to see God in so many and varied ways. BUT…in recognizing the many and varied ways that God chooses to reveal Himself, one is also called to recognize that it is not only in what one sees, but in also what one speaks, hears, touches, and senses.

As I reflect on recognizing the presence of God in and through people, events, surroundings and various situations, I must first realize that I need to be open to God and how He chooses to reveal Himself, not how I choose to see Him.  I can choose to have tunnel vision where I only want to see Him in the good, the pretty, the easy things and the niceties of life, or I can choose to ask for the grace to recognize Him in the bad, the ugly, the tough, the forgotten, the rough and the lost.

Being a Glimpse of God is a gift that enables one to be His instrument, His beacon, His light, His mercy, His compassion, His love and His presence to others, but most importantly to one self.  We radiate who we are and not just what we are. If we recognize that we are God’s beloved, we radiate a sense of being loved beyond our sinfulness. Our identity lies in being God’s children and as God’s children, we have the knowledge that He loves us to death and that we can never lose that love.

So how do you and I live in light of that knowledge and love? Each day we are all given the grace to exude God’s presence to those we encounter.  We can choose to reject that grace and not be His witness in our world, or we can choose to accept that grace and be the best witness to His presence that we can be and that we are called to be.

This week take time to recognize with a sprit of humility how God has been and continues to call you to be His instrument, His glimpse to those you encounter each and every day. But first take the time to see why He has chosen you. It wasn’t a random choice, or a draw of the cards, or in a lottery, but rather He formed you in the womb, breathed in you the breath of life, and continues to give you life through the Sacraments of the Church, and the presence of others to nurture, sustain and strengthen you on your faith journey.

SUNDAY - with the eyes of our heart to see as God sees and not as we choose to see sometimes with our self-righteous blinders on. To see reconciliation instead of being angry or holding a grudge, to see peace when the war of words or revenge are brewing, and to see embracing instead of keeping one at a distance.

How are the eyes of your heart revealing the presence and love of God in your life today so that others may also experience it? Let us count the ways……….

MONDAY – with our voice as we give a voice to the voiceless: the unborn, the elderly, the forgotten, all those in our community and Church whose voice has been silenced, smothered or suffer from a bad sore throat from having to yell to be heard or listened to.

How will you let your voice be the breath of God and the whisper of love of love to those you encounter today that need to hear from God?

Let us count the ways……….

TUESDAY – with our hands as we reach out to lift up those who are bowed down because of heavy burdens. Sometimes our hands are crippled with arthritis and they don’t have the freedom of movement that we wish they did.  Can you imagine when another’s heart, soul. the very core of their being, is crippled with arthritis, and the ability to be flexible and free to experience hope, joy or peace is painful because of a heavy cross or burden? We can choose to lift up those who are heavily burdened by folding our hands in prayer, where not even arthritis can debilitate our relationship with God.

How will your hands, heart and soul defeat being arthritic today? Through prayer, through a handshake, through a gentle touch, through mercy through a clap?

Let us count the ways……….

WEDNESDAY - with our feet as we walk with another on their journey of pain, struggles, heavy crosses, celebrations and joys.

The reality is that we can’t stand without our feet, they give us the strength and balance to stand up and take our steps. Sometimes our feet, our legs, hamper us from being able to stand and we need to stay seated in a wheel chair or lay in a bed.  But he the reality is that we can still use our feet to be a Glimpse of God to those we encounter. How…by wanting and praying for a spirit of empathy and understanding, courage and conviction. We pray for these graces so that as we encounter those whose crosses are heavy and they can’t seem to find the hope, strength or reason to take the next step, we can offer them our prayers, share our hope, and promise them our love as they seek to move on one step, one prayer at a time.

How many steps will you take today that will enable and empower another to move forward on their journey of faith and self-discovery?

Let us count the ways……….

THURSDAY – with our sense of smell so that we can honor those who prepare and serve meals to those who are hungry: family, friends, community, homeless, unemployed, aged and ill. The aromas that surround a meal are endless and, in many cases, enjoyable, but there are aromas that make us want to turn away, run away, and even hold our noses. We are a Glimpse of God when we recognize and honor those who prepare our meals, and not take them for granted: our parents, our siblings, and members of our community. But God also provides us with other opportunities, not so enjoyable, to be His Glimpse in the midst of various aromas. To be His Glimpse of compassion, acceptance, love and mercy instead of rejection, revulsion, disgust and annoyance. How do you respond to a person who exudes a very strong body odor that wreaks, or you see a picture of a homeless person who hasn’t showered recently? What thoughts go through your mind? Where is God directing those thoughts? When we pass judgment on what we see or smell, hear or imagine, we overshadow God’s Glimpse with judgement ant that just stinks.

So how will your sense of smell be a pleasing aroma to God in your prayer? Will it be through the redirected prayer for acceptance and not rejection and judgment of another? Will it be in gratitude for those who prepare your meals and or provide the ingredients for the meals that you partake of?

Let us count the ways……….

FRIDAY – with our sense of hearing.  What we choose to hear or listen to is our choice. We can have selective hearing and only take in those voices, words that make us feel good, are pleasing or make us the center of attention. We can hear everything but it is what we choose to listen to that is crucial. I believe that we hear with our ears, but listen with our hearts. We can choose to tune out those who go against us as well as we can choose to listen to gossip and those things that are foul, not life giving but destroy life. When there is one who needs a shoulder to cry on, or an ear to listen to them and we consider them a burden and make excuses to avoid them, we are deafening God’s Glimpse and making an unpleasing noise. After all, God listens to our prayers, our woes, our anger, our excuses, our joy, our pains, and He never turns away from us, instead gathers us closer to Himself so that we can feel His loving, listening embrace. Shouldn’t we try to do the same for another? Some of us might not be able to hear as well as we used to and might need hearing aids, but in the spiritual sense, hearing aids are God’s gift that enables us to hear and listen past the noises of our society culture and clamor, and listen instead to the heart of God’s beloved children.

Will your ability to listen to the needs and concerns of another bring them to hear God’s voice and listen as He calls them His beloved son or daughter?  Will you be the instrument that allows one to hear and listen to God’s message of love, acceptance, and peace?  How will you lend your ears today to be His Glimpse?

Let us count the ways……….


Your senses have been busy this week. You have been a Glimpse of God in so many new and varied ways. Now take the time, take today as you begin the weekend, to see how others have been a Glimpse of God to you by how they have used their senses to radiate His presence in your life. As you reflect on the gift of your senses, take a moment to pray for those who have lost their senses.

Pray for those who are blind, that although they may not be able to behold the beauty that surrounds them, that they embrace and behold the beauty that is within them.

For the deaf, that although they may not be able to hear the sounds that are around them, that they listen to the voice of God that speaks to their hearts,

For those who feel spiritually isolated and alone, that although they may feel the weight of their burdens and think that they can’t take another step, that the love, compassion, empathy and prayers of others, bring them peace, strength, and courage to face their journey one , one prayer at a time.

For those who have lost their sense of humor, that the joy that God wants and has in store for them bring them to smile just a little bit more and laugh even harder.



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