Glimpse of God for the week of May 15, 2022

This week's Glimpse of God comes in a word, "CANCER", and how it causes a dis-ease of our body, mind, spirit, soul, and heart. We are all too familiar with the many and various types of cancer such as breast, prostate, brain, colon, blood cancers, bone cancers, and if we are diagnosed with anyone of these types of cancer, we begin to learn how to navigate our body in a different direction than the one that we anticipate or planned.

We hear the word, and we think the worst. We think quickly of death and that our time is up or the time of a loved one here on earth is going to end sooner than later. When one hears that they have cancer or that a loved one has cancer, they think that life isn't fair or that they did something to get this disease. Often there is no reason or cause for the disease, it is just our bodies telling us that a terrible agent has entered it, and that it is going to be a great challenge to get rid of the agent and its effects. How one chooses to get rid of the disease can range from surgery to chemo to radiation to natural remedies. In any case the body is telling us that it has been invaded and we need to get rid of the invading source or the enemy.

When dealing with cancer, as I have done two times, it is more often the outlook of the person on the disease than the disease itself that brings forth healing and wholeness. Does healing mean that one's cancer goes away never to return, or can it mean that how we deal with it brings us to a daily appreciation and recognition of the presence of God in our fight to get better and beat the disease and its effects? Only God knows how we need to be healed and He chooses, with our cooperation, the best tool or source for healing.

For me, knowing that I had the disease and am a survivor, tells me that although my body chooses not to cooperate at times, I feel that every day is a great day, but some days can be more challenging than others. This outlook for me is a gift from God that tells me He is present in the midst of my physical pain and suffering and that He is enduring the very same things with me and that I am not alone.  

Cancer is not a death sentence, but rather a life choice. Cancer is not the period at the end of one’s life, but rather the comma that says life is ongoing. Cancer invites us to fight and affords us the opportunity to put our trust, faith and hope in Him and those in the medical profession that He chooses to use as His instruments of healing and wholeness, hope and trust. It is with and through the journey of healing that one can begin or continue to see God and how He is present to them. It is a choice to live life and not choose death. It is an opportunity to look at life and live it with a greater zeal, energy, self-determination, perseverance, and desire to win. One can fight even to the end and die knowing that God

has been with them and that their final breath is one of new life, peace, and joy as they prepare to meet Him face to face. Death is the beginning of a new journey with God, one that will not include any pain or suffering, but rather eternal peace, joy and happiness that He promised to those who loved Him.

But what about the other types of dis-ease that our bodies experience that can be worse than cancer? What if you never had to deal with cancer and the effects that it has on the body? Does this glimpse mean anything to you? Can it?

I offer this glimpse to those who have been blessed with good health but might be struggling with another form of cancer, one that takes the face of anger, or bitterness, or resentment and even false pride and invades our whole being, causes great dis-ease and can cause us to feel great despair and discouragement. These facets are a type of cancer, one that invades and takes over our spirit, our mind, our soul, and our heart, our relationship with others and more importantly our relationship with God. I believe that one can enter heaven with cancer, but it is harder to enter with a grudge, bitterness, anger. resentment or hatred.

These facets take over our relationships with family, friends and most importantly our God. We hold on to things and give them control. The grudges, bitterness, anger and resentment that we hold so tightly onto, takes over our minds and emotions and this leaves us at odds with people, unhappy with our self and we run away from God instead of to Him. These vary facets of our emotions, permeate, and pervade the very core of our being, and at times, we don’t even recognize who we are because of our behavior.

When one faces cancer of the body, one begins to look at their own mortality and how they need to prepare for what could be their spiritual transition from this life to the next which includes much uncertainty and fear. Death is not the end of life and the beginning of darkness but rather the end of darkness and beginning of new life and light. When one allows these spiritual types of cancer to take root and spread, one can begin to justify, rationalize, and excuse their behavior and not seek God’s or the mercy of others. It is only when one desires to seek the truth and ask for God’s grace to live it, that they open their heart and mind and seek God’s mercy, seek reconciliation, and choose to offer it to others. God’s mercy is the spiritual chemo that can rid one of the dis-ease so that they can begin to heal and become whole.

Whether one has a terminal disease of the body or one of the heart, there are a few insights that I will offer to help get rid of whatever enemy has invaded your being.

The big 'C", cancer, can be a disease of the body, or heart, mind, and spirit. It can be an invasion and a takeover of one's physical, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing. This can be remedied in many ways or not, but in any case, one must learn how to fight so that they will not be defeated, live as a victor and not a victim. For this week, look within yourself and see where you can be a source of healing or become more whole and healed so you can be God’s wounded healer. 

SUNDAY - The big C of COURAGE - for today look at the courage you have to be willing to fight and be healed. If you are fighting cancer of the body, look at your life and try to see where, in the past, you faced your fears and were not overcome by them. Look at how you chose and continue to choose to live life and not live in the darkness of regret. Courage is a gift that God gives to those who choose to live life with Him and not live in fear. With courage one can face their fears of the body and or of the spirit, whether they are of having cancer, getting Covid, extending an olive branch to someone that has offended you and you haven’t spoken to and overcoming the fear of rejection. Admitting guilt and allowing God to forgive you takes courage.  If one is angry and resentful and lives life in the darkness that these emotions hold, then one needs to ask for courage to forgive, seek mercy and be reconciled. SEEK COURAGE

MONDAY - The big C of CHAINS OF CAPTIVITY, for today look at what holds you captive and how this is keeping you from becoming whole and healed. Is it the fear of the treatments for cancer and its effects, or is it the fear of facing the person that has caused you harm and the memory and the anger are holding you captive and not allowing you to be free? Seek not be held captive but rather hold captive those things that want to invade your heart and soul and keep them far away. BREAK AWAY FROM THE CHAINS OF CAPTIVITY ONE LINK AT A TIME.

TUESDAY - The big C of COMPANION - for today who will you choose to walk this journey with? Who will you companion with as you go through the medical maze of treatments, surgery, tests, doctor appointments and the many other things that you will face? Who will you trust with your weariness, anger, your spiritual dryness and darkness, your negative emotions, your pain and frustrations? You cannot walk this journey alone. God is your steady companion and knows your heart better than you know it. He is walking with you and will place others in your life to be companioned with.

There are those in your life that probably want to help and will feel helpless, allow them to know what they can do that will not require any heavy lifting, except that of their hearts to God for your healing as He sees best.  What will help you as you journey through the medical maze of healing or the spiritual maze of healing; Prayer is the answer that gets God's attention. Prayer is the most selfless act any person can do because it places the needs of another before one's own.  You can and will become the wounded healer and help those who are suffering as you had. COMPANION ANOTHER ON YOUR JOURNEY OF HEALING AND WHOLENESS. 

WEDNESDAY - The big C of COMPASS - for today, look at the direction that you are going? What direction is it? Are you going toward healing and wholeness or rather towards anger, bitterness, resentment, pride and selfishness? Who is guiding you on your journey and how are they helping you grow towards healing? Is it your God that knows best what your needs are or is it your emotions and pride that will not allow you to seek mercy or extend it to another? God is the compass, He is our direction, He knows what lies ahead if we place our trust in Him and seek to know His will. God doesn't cause cancer, but He is there to help you find healing and peace. SEEK HIS DIRECTION AND YOU WILL NEVER GET LOST. 

THURSDAY - The big C of CRUNCH TIME - for today how are you dealing with the decisions that need to be made? If you are dealing with the terminal illness and time is short, how are you preparing yourself? Are you at peace? If you are dealing with a spiritual illness and time is short because you finally want to be free and healed, whole and renewed, how are you preparing for this great transformation? During this crunch time, be it physical or spiritual, do you believe that God loves you, that you are His beloved son or daughter and that He will embrace you as you go to Him in eternal life or in the sacrament of reconciliation? He created you and no sin that you committed will ever cause Him to love you less or not be proud of His beloved creation. During this time, crunch, step on, get rid of those things that block your direction and seek to cause you stress and anxiety. USE YOUR CRUNCH TIME TO SEE HOW CLOSE YOU ARE TO HEALING, WHOLNESS AND BECOMING FREE. 

FRIDAY - The big C of CONQUER - for today, look at what you need to conquer and go for it! This is your day to conquer any fears, anxiety or regrets that are keeping you from the healing that God intends. Look back at your life and see the times that you conquered the enemy, whether it was a physical, emotional, or spiritual one. You faced it, you conquered it, and you lived to talk about it. Any type of cancer can be conquered if we believe that we, with God, are in the fight together. The healing of the terminal illness of cancer might not be possible, but the deep-rooted feelings and experience of peace, love, inner joy, and contentment that one has can be more freeing than the physical healing of the disease. CONQUER YOUR FEARS AND TELL ALL ABOUT IT! 

SATURDAY - The big C of CHANGE, for today look at how you have crafted your life. How have you designed it and how has God been a part of the design? Has cancer changed your design or enhanced it? Do you see yourself and your life differently since cancer has come into the picture? If you suffer an emotional or spiritual cancer, has your heart been changed? More open?  Healed? Have you been able to let go and let God deal with the memory that has bound you and held you captive? Is God your designer or have you taken on the job yourself? God has a plan for each of His children, we just must have our minds, hearts and will open to see and receive His plan for our life. This can be difficult to do, but when we hand over the design to Him, He will then give us in return the big picture of our life as His son or daughter and how it can be. Allow your cancer, whether it is one of body, mind, or spirit, to be placed into the picture of your life and see how it has the power to change you and make you a better, not bitter person.


This week let us pray for healing for all those who are facing the terminal illness of cancer.

Let us pray for the companions and caregivers that they companion those who suffer with cancer with patience, understanding and compassion.

Let us pray for all the medical professionals that they continue to be instruments of healing, empathy, and compassion for their patients.

Let us pray for all those who struggle with the other cancers that have invaded their hearts and souls, that they come to a peace and healing so that they can be free and whole again.
Let us pray in gratitude for those who have entered or life and have gone before us in faith and hope to the place prepared for them by God; their loving creator.













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